What do I need to know? 
You can read our one-page briefing here: Runner Briefing.

Where can I park?
T5 Short Stay Car Park level 1. A pre-paid ticket will be given to you when you register on the night.

Where do I collect my temporary pass?
There will be a desk landside by Zone G, BA desks just before South Security Lanes – you will need to bring the same ID you used to register for your temporary passes.

How do I get airside?
Follow the passenger signs to T5 South Security and wait there until you are instructed to go through Security. You will need to wait to be escorted if you are on a temporary escorted pass.

Where do I register?
Once through Security, you can register with our team before moving down to the Village area of the International Departures Lounge.

What can I bring?
Runners – As little as possible! You will be provided with an A4 sized sealable bag at registration which can be left at a bag drop area manned by volunteers whilst you run. Your coats and bags can be left in the seating area.

What time do I need to be there?
Please arrive at 21:30 in time to begin going through Security at 21:45.

Are there any refreshments?
Bottles of water are provided in the Village and both Pret & Starbucks will remain open for the duration of the event.

How do I leave the village?
The same way that you came, through South Security on departures level. Temporary ID holders will need to be escorted.

How do I get to the runway?
You will be directed to the escalator leading to coaching gate A10 at the appropriate time where the bus will pick you up. Please listen for announcements in the village.

What time does the event finish?
We hope for the “Team Event” runners to be able to leave by 02:00 and “Endurance Event” runners to leave by 03:00. Prizes will be announced in the Village for each event, after which each swathe is free to go.

Will it be possible that the event will be cancelled?
Yes, operational disruption or bad weather may cause this.

What will happen if the event is cancelled?
We have phone numbers and email addresses, so will attempt to be in touch with all runners and volunteers. The event is taking place on a closed, but operational runway. We may only know a number of hours before that we have to cancel.  We will do our best to get in contact with you as soon as possible.