• When can I sign up?

From Tuesday 2nd April 2019

  • Do I have to work for HAL to take part?

No! All Team Heathrow colleagues are welcome to take part.

  • Where can I sign up (as a runner or volunteer)?

All sign ups will be processed by our booking system hosted by Eventbrite. Links to the booking site will be made available here on the Midnight Marathon website homepage and on HUB+ (for HAL employees) once we launch on Tuesday 2nd April.

  • What does the volunteer role entail?

There are several different roles for volunteering on the night and experience the buzz of the event from a different perspective, from acting as an event marshal on the runway (zone 6 airside pass required) to escorting/directing runners on temporary IDs within the T5 event ‘Village’. All volunteers must have valid airside passes.

  • How much is the entry to run and what is the fundraising commitment?

When you book your place on this year’s race you will need to pay for a ticket through our booking system hosted by Eventbrite. Early bird tickets are available until Wednesday 1st May for £35, after which point tickets will cost £40. You are also required to commit to fundraising a minimum of £100 – the purpose of the event is to raise money for charity after all, so we rely on our runners to commit to their fundraising to achieve this. All entry fees (minus Eventbrite’s booking charge) get added to the fundraising pot.

  • Do I need to be able to run at a certain speed?

So long as you could comfortably walk the 3.5 km length of the runway in under 40 minutes then you will have no issues in taking part.

  • We have got a group together who want to take part in the team event but can’t quite get our numbers up to 14. Can we still take part?

You must make every effort to pull together a full team of 14 runners. However, if this does not prove possible then we will endeavour to match you up with other “part teams” so we encourage you to sign up all the same. Alternatively you could consider the endurance event.

  • Do all member of my team have to be from the same company?

No. So long as you clearly indicate a common team name then you can have representatives from multiple companies in a single team.

  • Can one person sign up for my whole team?

Typically runners are expected to sign up and pay their £35 individually. However, it is possible for one person to buy multiple tickets if preferred. If doing so you must have all relevant details of the other runners to hand (full name, contact details, etc.)

  • What are the timings for the night?

Finalised timings are yet to be confirmed. Runners will likely need to arrive from around 21:15 and volunteers will need to come before this. The event should be finished by around 03:30 on Sunday morning at latest, but this year by virtue of everyone running their first (or only) length of the runway at the same time, we are hoping for the team event runners to be able to go home earlier than in previous years.

  • Where will the event take place?

You will arrive and depart from Terminal 5 and the event “Village” will be located in the international departures lounge with entertainment provided. You will be bussed out to and from the northern runway when the time comes to run.

  • What can I have with me out on the runway?

For those participating in the marathon, you will have need running attire and appropriate/comfortable footwear for running (hi-vis t-shirts are provided on arrival). You will have your timing band secured around your ankle and airside/temporary pass (in the holder provided) secured around your arm. We ask that all loose & non-essential items, such as, and not limited to, jewellery, watches, water/drink bottles, cameras, phones, headphones & accessories are not brought out on the runway. The runway is an operational area where the risk of FOD (Foreign Object Debris) needs to be kept to an absolute minimum, as well as for people’s safety during the event. All participants will be checked at a number of stages during the evening, and if found to have these could be refused to take part in the event. We recommend either leaving valuables at home, or storing them in your bag in the terminal whilst you are out running. Please contact us at marathon@heathrow.com with specific concerns & queries where a member of the organising team will be able to advise further.

  • Can I still run if I don’t have a permanent airside pass?

Yes, all Team Heathrow colleagues are invited to join the event whether you already have an airside pass or not. Temporary IDs can be provided for the night and we will contact you in due course to submit relevant details including a copy of a valid photo ID document (either passport or driver’s licence) You will need to be your original photo ID on the night and you will the collect your temporary ID from the designated T5 departures check-in desks.

  • When is the deadline to buy a ticket?

Early bird tickets are available until Wednesday 1st May, after which tickets will continue to be available at the higher price until Saturday 8th June.

  • I have a disability or am concerned about how I might be included, can I still take part?

We make every effort to include every Team Heathrow colleague who wants to take part. In the past we have always found a way to accommodate specific needs, please contact us at marathon@heathrow.com if you would like to speak to us about your individual circumstances.

  • I don’t want to run but I want to come and support my friends and colleagues, can I do this?

Unfortunately due to event capacity constraints and the time it takes to process people through security, supporters are unable to come along.

  • Will it be possible that the event will be cancelled?

Yes. In the event of operational disruption or bad weather we may be forced to cancel the event.

  • What will happen if the event is cancelled?

If the event is cancelled we will attempt to contact you via the phone number and email address you provided us when you registered. We also suggest checking your emails before leaving home for T5 in case of any last minute updates.

As the event is taking place on a closed, but operational runway, we may only know at short notice if we have to cancel.

If you have any other queries please contact marathon@heathrow.com